Shari Philpott-Marsh

Ready to strengthen your body and feel younger?

Yoga is a holistic path of health and vitality.  Regular practice tones and aligns the physical body and washes away stagnant energy.  Your strength and muscle tone increase, along with your balance and flexibility.  Yoga breathing techniques are deeply calming to the mind and nervous system, and many students report less anxiety and better sleep.  Chronic pain is often released with a regular yoga practice.

Yoga is a comprehensive system for awakening the highest attributes of body, mind and spirit.  It replenishes your wellspring of energy and mental clarity.  The more frequently you practice (including doing yoga on your own), the more long-term benefits you will experience.

Your first yoga class is always free!  I offer your first class for free, so you can try it for yourself and see if it is a good fit for what you want and need.  If you are under the care of a doctor or physical therapist, always ask their advice before beginning a yoga practice.

Shari Philpott-Marsh leads yoga classes for students at all ability levels.  She brings over two decades of teaching experience to her classes, and provides detailed instruction and support throughout the class.  Shari specializes in making yoga practice accessible for everyone, and radiates a compassionate and joyful presence.

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Is Yoga for me?
If you are ready to breathe deeply, flush out stress and strengthen the connection between body, mind and spirit — then yoga is for you.  At the end of every class you feel greater ease and a sense of renewal.

In the course of love,
all that is not love must first rise to the surface
to be burned away, until nothing but love remains.

–Swami Kripalu