Happy Students Say...


Shari teaches you to treat your body with compassion and to listen to what your body wants, and ultimately what you need, from your yoga practice.  I come away from each class blissful, strong,
balanced and grateful.


Shari challenges you to push to your edge, but reminds you to back off if you experience any difficulties.  She coaches, rather than "demonstrating perfection" and expecting you to copy her.  I've developed more and done more than I ever would have believed possible. 


Shari has the unique ability to work with all students of all ability levels – right in the same class.  She is passionate about making your yoga practice a personal experience.   


 I have a greater sense of self after attending Shari’s classes for the last year.  A large portion of it comes from taking the time to practice and to focus on myself for a few hours a week. I also regularly hear your voice saying two things:  1) meet the resistance with compassion, and 2) your face is part of the pose.   Both are true in yoga and in life. 


About 12 years ago, I decided to attend a yoga class taught by Shari. Immediately, I liked her mellow, calming, relaxed approach. Shari gently encouraged deep breathing while clearing the mind of the day’s events. We did simple warm-up movements followed by yoga poses. Shari reminded the class that yoga is not a competition; she offered variations for each pose. No variation was “better” than the other.  Rather, what works for each individual is the “best.” After class, I felt relaxed and calm.  I slept like a baby!  I have attended Shari’s classes for 12 years. 


Shari is a sensitive, intuitive yoga instructor who teaches to the level of her students.  Her classes are challenging or easy depending on what you want to get out of them, and she’s open to you modifying poses.