Why do Yoga?

Boost Health and Vitality

  •  Build Strength
  •  Improve Balance
  •  Increase Flexibility
  •  Restore energy and sleep better
  •  Decrease stress and anxiety
  •  Boost confidence

Yoga is For Everyone

 With yoga, you set your own pace, learning to listen to the intuitions of the body and soul, rather than the stale, repeated stories of the mind.

Yoga's movement, stretching, sensation, and breathing will boost your health and well-being. 

Sweet Surrender

In yoga, we offer ourselves to the source of all creation -- to be opened, softened, cleansed, replenished and made ready 

to offer more love and kindness to 

the world around us.   

In yoga, we feel a sense of openness to being changed. 

Re-set Your Compass

Yoga encourages us to surrender to the higher hands that can re-set our compass and realign our lives -- better than we know to do ourselves.

Sense of Connection

 Yoga is not a religion.  It complements spiritual beliefs and brings them to life -- similar to how prayer activates a sense of holy connection -- yet prayer itself does not belong to any one religion. 

Yoga reminds us that connecting to higher love and holiness is available in every moment.

Yoga Changes Your Life

With softer and more open hearts, 

we leave class with renewed 

tenderness, clarity, and energy.  

We are replenished and reconnected to life's sweetness.