Yoga Class Q & A

What is a yoga class like?

 Each yoga class has a similar structure:

  • A brief centering helps us transition from our busy lives.
  • Warm-ups wake up the major muscle groups, lubricate the joints, and loosen up the mind.
  • Classic yoga poses are spontaneously combined with deep breathing, dynamic movement, sounding and other improvised actions.  
  • Personalized verbal and physical adjustments are given if needed; each student is encouraged to create their own experience.
  • Deep relaxation comes at hte end of every yoga class, allowing integration of body, mind and breath.

How fast will I see results?

The more frequently you practice yoga – whether in a class or on your own – the sooner you will feel results. 

How should I prepare for class?

You can literally just show up.  The first time you come, consider the following.

  • Arrive a little early, so you can roll out your yoga mat, gather any props you need, and relax your mind before we begin.
  • Don't eat right before class.  It is more comfortable practicing yoga if you have not eaten in the last 3-4 hours.
  • Dress in comfortable clothes that move with your body.  Bring layers, to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Do I need my own yoga mat?

For good hygiene, I encourage you to buy your own yoga mat.  This also facilitates practicing at home between classes, which gives you the greatest long-term benefit from your yoga practice.

Yoga mats come in a range of styles and prices.  Inexpensive mats are available at  discount stores and online.  I sell Manduka Eko-Lite yoga mats at a discount off the retail price.  Manduka makes their mats of natural rubber, rather than plastic, so they do not off-gas and have excellent non-slip properties.  

I always have mats and other props available in the classrooms, any time you need to borrow one for class. 

What if I'm already athletic, or not athletic at all?


I have taught yoga to triathletes, competitive runners, cyclists,  swimmers, and weekend warriors.  Athletes find that yoga improves balance and flexibility, as well as concentration and  endurance.  It also aids in recovery from heavy workouts.  


The FREE first class is a way for new folks to try out yoga and see how it fits.  Most of my students are 35-55, but I have taught students ranging from grade school to 84.  I love making yoga accessible to everyone.  Feel free to call me if you have specific questions.


If you are concerned about an injury or medical condition, talk to your  doctor before coming to class.  You can also take advantage of our FREE SCREENING option with a Physical Therapist at Meier & Marsh (the host of our Tooele classes).  

Contact me with questions, or to arrange your FREE SCREENING.

What makes your classes special?

My classes provide a focused, personalized, non-competitive atmosphere where you can immerse yourself in the practice of yoga without distraction.  I teach in a playful and spontaneous way, so no two classes are the same.

When I asked my students to describe what they saw as my specialty, they said:

  • Making yoga accessible – teaching students to adapt and set their own pace
  • Giving detailed alignment cues to allow each student to explore his/her “edge”
  • Leading classes that inspire and engage students in the joy of yoga